Girl Against The Universe

Author: Paula Stokes Genre: Realistic Fiction/Young Adult/Romance Series: None Blog is By Paige Newberry Summary Chances are, if you walked into a witches shop and found the essence of bad luck, the ingredients would be black cats, Friday the thirteenths and Maguire Kelly's. That's how bad her luck is. No Joke. Bad things happen when … Continue reading Girl Against The Universe



Author: Sarah Crossen Genre: Realistic Fiction/Young Adult/Romance Series: None Blog is By: Paige Newberry Summary Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins, joined at the waist, and have been sharing a body for sixteen years. But, conjoined twins are always at risk, and it grows as they grow up. But, they don't regret anything, they are … Continue reading One

Skink No Surrender

Author: Carl Hiaasen Genre: Mystery/Fiction Series: None Blog is by: Paige Newberry   Summary Richard Sloane is your average Florida teenager, he's got friends, family and a passion for wildlife. His cousin, Malley, however is a notorious troublemaker who's run away five times. So, when her parents send her off to a boarding school, she … Continue reading Skink No Surrender