A Discovery Of Witches

Author:  Deborah Harkness

Genre: Fantasy/ Fiction/Young Adult/Romance

Series: All Souls Trilogy #1

Blog is By: Paige Newberry


Diana Bishop is a perfectly ordinary historian. Except for the fact that she’s a witch that comes from a powerful lineage. And despite her overwhelming powers and begging Aunts, she has banished magic from her mind and life. But, after reading a document at the library, magic re-enters her life. Tons of vampires, witches daemons swarm the library. Including Matthew Clairmont, a vampire, and accomplished scientist. He wants that book, but, so does every magical creature. But why? And what does it have to do with Diana?


  • Ysabeau And Miriam:  It’s a shame that these ladies aren’t more prominent. I love Miriam’s sharp wit and sarcasm and Ysabeau is just Ysabeau. [Don’t ask me how to pronounce that because I have no clue] You have to read abut her to understand. Honestly, you have to read about Miriam to understand her, too.


  • Plot: I was really reluctant to pick this book up. Like, picking up the book four times before actually turning to the first page. Mostly because of the vampires. I’m sure there are some good vampire books out there but I have not found them yet. Twilight pretty much ruined it for me, but there have been others. And all of them have been a vampire and a not-vampire falling in love. Like this one. And oooh! The Musty manuscript that’s really important. How original.
  • Characters: Matthew was way too controlling and he always seemed to be either mad or crazily worried. He always wanted Diana to do what he wanted and never seemed to ask her opinion. And if she gave it he would ignore her. And he drugged her without asking her! Next, Diana. She really frustrated me. She got mad at stupid things and seemed to be a walking doormat. She rarely stood up against Matthew and was blind to all his faults.
  • The Romance: Insta love. Again. Yippee. I mean, seriously. Matthew is a vampire! [I would also like to point out he’s way over 500 years old] And Diana seems suspicious at first but after two days their best buddies. Two weeks later, boom! Deeply in love. So in love that Diana is fine with staying at Matthew’s parent’s house. And guess what? They get married. After three weeks. *Sigh* Let’s move on.
  • Pacing: Argggg! This book was soooooooo slow. It drove me crazy! And this book is not short, it’s almost 600 pages long. It wouldn’t be so bad if it had some action but it was pretty boring in spots. All they did was talk! Point is, slow plus boring equals bad.

Overall this book really sucked. It was slow, boring and most of the characters felt flat. I’m giving it 2.5 stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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