A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance

Series: A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Blog is By Paige Newberry


Do not kill a guy from Fae. Seriously. Because if you do, you either are killed [Probably very slow and painful] or, you have to leave your home forever and live there. [Slightly more desirable, but, say goodbye to your family] Not much of a choice, is it? And it’s exactly the one nineteen-year-old Feyre must make. She chooses the latter because she’s not an idiot and begins her life in Fae. As she dwells there she begins to not hate Tamlin, [He’s the dude who brought her there. Also, he’s a lord] that transforms into friendship, and then, love. But someone evil has a firm grip on the world of the Fae and she’s not backing down. But, neither is Feyre.


  • Alis And Nessa: These two women are my favorite characters, with Nessa coming in at a close second. First of all, Alis. She’s compassionate, courageous, loving and loyal. She leaves the summer court to protect her nephews and takes them under her wing. She is a strong figure for Feyre and is just plain awesome. I have not read the second book but I know she helps Feyre in any way she can because Feyre freed them. Next Nessa, in the beginning, I thought she was the classic mean sister. But, when Feyre returns home she is a lot more complex. I’m surprised she didn’t break down or freak out. I mean, your little sister got taken away by a big wolf man person and then, no one remembers. Your family keeps talking about a rich aunt and part of you believes it but, you stay strong and remember what actually happened. And Nessa kept her cool the entire time, and had no freak outs. None. Unlike moi who would probably have started acting like a crazy person. 


  • Tamlin and Feyre’s Love: Bleah. I did not like this romance at all. First of all, a dude kidnaps you, yells at you and you hate him. Two weeks later…………..We’re friends! One week later…………..We’re in love! What? I just can’t understand this romance. At all. It just felt very unrealistic and I couldn’t bring myself to like it.
  • Plot: When I talk about the plot, I mean the book jacket. So it doesn’t include ending/explanation. So, imagine my surprise when one of their beloved brothers dies by her hand. And, instead of killing her, he takes her into his home to live a life of luxury. What!? It’s basically saying: Hey! You murdered my friend! Why don’t you stay at my palace and we can have dinner and chat? That’s totally not strange and totally not a pretty much betrayal of your friend!
  • Feyre: You kill a guy’s friend, and instead of killing you [Which he probably should have!] he takes you into his home [Which is super nice] and you don’t even say thank you? What is wrong with you? By you I, of course mean Feyre. She’s ungrateful, bratty and stupid. I am also calling her out for not telling Tamlin she loved him. Feyre must leave him, possibly never seeing him again and she doesn’t profess her love. Something is seriously wrong with her! In all, I thought she was really annoying and all the self-pity didn’t help.

You all are going to hate me for this. I do not like this book. It was stupid and Feyre is a terrible main character. But, it did have some pretty good writing and a few good characters. So this book barely gets three out of six stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️       


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