The Rest Of Us Just Live Here

Author: Patrick Ness

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Fiction

Series: None

Blog is By Paige Newberry


Every school has some indie kids. They’re the geeks and nerds, the ones with the sloppy haircuts and bad clothes. The ones who have terrible names and are always picked on. Those are the ones who end up being the chosen one, the person who always saves the day. They’re always dying and blowing up the school, they’re the ones who you always hear about. But, have you ever thought about what everyone else thinks? Meet Mikey. He’s just trying to survive the last year of high school, ask his friend out, overcome his anxiety and OCD and make it to graduation. And he wants to do all that before some indie kid blows up the school. Again. Because this isn’t about the vampire slayers or the time travelers or the zombie killers. This is about love, loss, mental health, high school, love, and friendship. This story is about four highschoolers dealing with life and the fact that one of them can heal cats. 


  • Plot: This book was a really nice break. Because honestly, do we ever really get the full story? We learn about the prophecies and the chosen stuff and what happens to them. But, have you ever thought what everyone else thinks? Like, all the normal people. That’s what this book is about. All the kids on the sidelines, the people who just live their life while the chosen people do their thing. And it’s a nice change, you know? Not reading about the prophesied people. Which is why I like this book so much.
  • Characters: Out of all the characters, Mikey was my favorite. He was very easy to relate to and viewed the world in a wonderful way. Henna, Mel, and Jared were also awesome. Each character was different and unique and each had their own issue. Because everyone has something. Everyone has their own problem to overcome and it needs to be shown more in books. I also liked how Ness included two gay boys, I always feel like there aren’t enough sexual identities in books.


  • The Romance: I never liked Henna with Mikey. They never really had enough chemistry and it just felt like they were better off friends. They do decide that, but, after they have sex. [For anybody who doesn’t like that, don’t worry. it’s not explicit or anything. It’s basically Mikey going Henna, Henna, Henna and saying they had sex.] I’m confused. How do you decide you’re only friends after sex? Shouldn’t it be before? And I felt Jared with Nathan didn’t work. We never see any chemistry between them and It felt forced.

Overall, this book was good. Not great, not bad, good. I like The Knife Of Never Letting Go better, though. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this book gets four out of five stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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