Outrun The Moon


Author: Stacey Lee

Genre: Historical Fiction/Young Adult

Series: None

Blog is by Paige Newberry


Mercy Wong is a fifteen-year-old, sassy, smart and bossy girl who is determined to rise above her poor life in Chinatown. And to do that, her best bet is St. Clare’s School For Girls. But it’s only for rich, all-American, white girls. So, she’ll have to be sneaky. One theft, a couple bribes, and an outrageous promise get her in. And it only get’s harder. Mercy must pretend to be a rich, Chinese heiress, try and keep the snobby girls who attend off her trail and try and get her outrageous promise done. She balances it all fairly well, but, disaster strikes soon after. On April 18, a giant earthquake destroys San Francisco, killing her family and ruining St. Clare’s. Mercy and the other St. Clare’s girls must band together to try and heal their broken home. Together, they all form a deep connection with each other. But, they’re just a bunch of kids. What can they really do to help?


  • Mercy: This girl is hands down, awesome. If you’re looking for a strong female character Mercy Wong is it. She is sassy, witty and not afraid to get her hands dirty, or, break the rules. I also admire her courage, she sneaks into a shop. Steals food, and gets almost shot at. And she still has the nerve to go back. Also, her trying to stay strong and letting the other girl lean on her is very honorable, in my opinion.
  • Plot: I know what the San Francisco Earthquake was. But, I honestly haven’t read many historical fiction books about it. And none with a Chinese girl. It was a bold move and showed a lot of racism, prejudice, and sexism.
  • The Chinese Culture: It was very cool, for me at least, to see a bit of Chinese culture. I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures and I liked all the little Chinese sayings and words of wisdom scattered throughout the book.


  • Mercy’s Group Of Girls: I found, that I could only identify a few girls out of the bunch. Francesca, Elodie, and Minnie Mae. And they all had stereotypical character traits.

That was really the only bad thing about this book, and so I give this book………………………..Four out of six: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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