Girl Against The Universe

Author: Paula Stokes

Genre: Realistic Fiction/Young Adult/Romance

Series: None

Blog is By Paige Newberry


Chances are, if you walked into a witches shop and found the essence of bad luck, the ingredients would be black cats, Friday the thirteenths and Maguire Kelly’s. That’s how bad her luck is. No Joke. Bad things happen when she’s around. Like the time her neighbor’s house burned down because she lit a candle. Or when a roller coaster jumped off its tracks, her friend broke both her legs, Maguire barely had a scratch. Or that time her Uncle, Father and brother were all killed in a car crash. But Maguire? Just a couple of bruises. Because of all this, she decides that the world is safer without her. Maguire stays in her room, has no friends and doesn’t go out and do anything. That is until she meets Jordy. He’s an aspiring tennis star who is convinced he can help Maguire break her bad luck streak. She knows the best idea is to stay away from him, but, is it really?


  • Plot: The best thing about this book is that romance isn’t the driving force. I mean, yeah, Maguire’s romance with Jordy is important. But, the main story is Maguire’s struggle to accept herself and to make her own luck. It’s emotional and has a very good message.
  • Characters: The best thing about this book is Maguire. She is sweet, funny and flawed. A very realistic character, too. You can really relate with her on so many levels. Jade and Jordy are also two very good characters. They’re each the ideal friend/boyfriend. Jade is kind, comforting and always knows how to cheer Maguire up. While Jordy is sweet, loving and is always ready to pick Maguire up when she falls.
  • Mental Health: I love the way they handled Mental Health in this book. They never thought about “fixing” the characters. Because they don’t need to be “fixed”. Instead, the book talked about overcoming it. About not letting control their life. Which, I think, is a great message.


  • Too Sappy: At some parts I thought it was a little overly sappy. But honestly that’s only in a few parts.

This book was done very well, and the only reason I’m giving it a lower score is because it’s not really my type of book. I’m more for a action/adventure book. But, this book was really good so, I give it four out of six stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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