My Lady Jane


Author: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Genre: Young Adult/Historical Fiction/Romance/Adventure

Series: None

Blog is By Paige Newberry


The new ruler must be nice to the E∂ians, be male and not be easily manipulated. That’s what Edward Ⅵ is told. He’d much rather not be making this decision, but, he is dying. Bummer. And must choose an heir. Under the influence of his advisers, he picks his cousin, Lady Jane Grey. She’ll marry Lord Gifford [He prefers to be called G] and then her male offspring will take the crown. It’s unfortunate that Gifford is an E∂ian, and that he can’t control it. It’s very undignified, waking up at dawn and changing into a horse, then being naked in the barn at dusk after transformation. However it’s the only good option, but, this decision sets off a chain of events. Leading to a discovery of a sinister plot, poison and they’re own magic. But, can they pull off a conspiracy of their own before the lose the kingdom, and they’re heads?


Not Taking Itself Seriously: I think what I liked most about this book was how it didn’t take itself seriously at all. The first chapter was basically the narrators going: This is how the original story went…….We don’t like it. This is how we think it should have gone! And we’re adding magic. Because why not? No joke. And I really appreciate it. I feel they’re aren’t many truly comedic books like this in the young adult genre.
Characters: JANE! Part of me only likes this book because of Jane. I mean, Edward and Gifford are great too, but I really connected with her. First of all, I tend to connect with women more. Second, of all, she LOVES books. And third, of all, she is very smart and strong women who hate being bossed around. But her liking books! I felt I would act in ruffly the same manner if I were in some of the same situations as her. Like when she finds out Gifford is a horse and she immediately makes three rules about how he may not touch her books. Or when she packs fifty books to bring with her to her new home and it’s still not enough. She is just awesome. I also believe though that G and Edward are great. Both of them are kind of sexist, but the book just makes fun of them for it. And I love their character transformation, Edward embraces who he truly is. And he is much less of a whiny kid who can’t do anything. Gifford also transformed into a man, and one much more open to the world.
References: If you have not seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail go watch it. Right. Now. This blog isn’t going anywhere. And I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Now, let’s talk about all the references in this book. There’s quite a few actually. Most of them are Shakespeare and honestly! Did anyone know that screw your courage to the sticking place was a phrase by Shakespeare? I didn’t. Another reference is YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER AND YOUR FATHER SMELLED OF ELDERBERRIES. It’s my favorite and is from Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Which, I repeat, is an awesome movie and you should go watch it.
Plot: This plot is ridiculous. I’m assuming that’s the point, though. I really like it, its original, crazy and hilarious. Because honestly, why wouldn’t you want to add magic to history? It’ll spice things up a bit. Plus, Bloody Mary as a mule is awesome.

Every One Can Transform: I would have definitely liked if one of the main characters wasn’t an E∂ian. It might have shown them jealous of everyone else’s ability. Or maybe them getting left behind a lot because they couldn’t transform. I believe it would add on another layer of character development. Plus, why is literally every high ranking person an Edian? If there are so many important people as E∂ians, why are they discriminated against?
Overall, this was a very odd, witty and funny book. Major bonus points for references. So, five out of six emoji stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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