Author: Meg Cabot

Genre: Paranormal/Fiction/Young Adult/Action

Series: The Mediator

Blog is By: Paige Newberry


Suze is a mediator, a sort of ambassador between the living and the dead. It’s her job to help the ghosts finish their business in this world so that they can move onto the next. But, things are looking up. Suze has just moved to California and is hoping to keep the spectral visits on hold. But, there’s a ghost in her room the minute she walks in. Nice welcome. Thankfully, Jesse doesn’t seem to need her help. But, he’s not the only ghost. There’s one haunting her new school, and she’s not going away until she gets what she wants. But, what she wants is revenge and Suze is standing in her way.

  • Characters: I really like Suze, she’s sarcastic, has a smart mouth and is a definite bad*ss. I see so much of me in her. And I feel like I would have reacted in the same way in a lot of situations. I also like Jesse. He’s a good contrast to Suze’s impulsive behavior, and has actually saved her hide in a few instances.
  • Writing: This book was pretty easy to read, most of Meg Cabots books are. Not to complicated, very appealing and only a little bit of romance.


  • Plot: What is so appealing about ghosts? Kind of a depressing/creepy topic to talk about. And definitely not original. I have read way to many books about ghosts, good ghosts, bad ghosts, killer ghosts, stupid ghosts and ghosts with revenge on their mind that main character has to stop. And way to much of it.
  • Heather: What was Meg Cabot thinking? What high school girl loves him that much that she killed herself when he broke up with her? Not many. Seriously, though. Even Heather the ghost admits that he cheated on her, more than once actually! So, when he broke up with her, she killed herself. It’s a very real subject and I’m not trying to offend anyone, but it’s just sick and weird.

Soooooooo, this book was good, slightly creepy, strange and had a great main character. Huge points for Suze. Thus, I give this book four out of six stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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