What’s Left Of Me

Author: Kat Zhang

Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Young Adult

Series: The Hybrid Chronicles

Blog is By: Paige Newberry


Eva and Addie started out like everyone else, two souls in one body. They took turns learning how to walk, talk and read. But as the years passed their parents grew worried, one souls should be gone, one of them should fade. They begged for more time, to wait until Eva was gone. It was obvious Addie was dominant, she could make them do what she wanted, regardless of what Eva thought. But, finally, three years ago Eva was declared gone and Addie healthy. Only she wasn’t gone, for the past three years Eva’s clung to the last bit of her soul, existing only in Addie’s head. But some unexpected new friends give her a chance she can’t resist. The risks are very high, any hybrid caught has never been seen again, but to have a life again, Eva will do anything.


  • Plot: I thought the idea of a society where people were born with two souls was very creative. I’ve never read a book that has tackled this subject. And its an interesting concept, two people fighting for control of one body.
  • Characters: I really like the dynamic duo in this book, Addie and Eva. They contrast well with each other and I love their sisterly love for each other. Its very sad and happy at the same time to see them together. Addie’s guilt, anger and secret wish that Eva had just gone away, and Eva’s longing, guilt, sadness and her desire to not be her sister.


  • Kids Hacking: Really? Come on! Teenagers can not just hack into medical files and school records. And these kids are obviously not geniuses. But, they still also manage to build working tracing devices. Its just way too convenient.
  • Antagonists: I’m not just talking about just this book, a lot of Sci Fi books have also done this. You know who you are. Scientists as antagonists, its used over and over again, along with the government. Find a new person to blame, people! Because somebody’s sick of it!

Overall, good book. Nice characters, cool plot, etc. A few issues, but not many. So, I give this book, *Drum roll*………four out of six stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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