Maybe A Fox

Author: Kathi Applet and Alison McGhee

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult

Series: None

Blog is By: Paige Newberry


Jules and Sylvie are two loving sisters, and are almost never apart. Until they are, for good. Sylvie’s gone and as Jules falls into grief a fox is born, Senna. Senna and Jules share connection, and Senna can sense something is wrong, something dark is in the air. And as it grows, the fates of Jules and Senna with collide in a heartwarming story about love, loss and burning wishes.


  • The Cave Scene: It’s so heartwarming as we watch Jules discover Sylvie’s secret cave and her burning wish. About how much Sylvie loved her family and how all she wanted to do was protect them. It’s gut wrenching to learn of this girl, Sylvie and how after all these years, still holds herself responsible for her mothers death. And she grew up training, running so that next time, she’d be fast enough to save her family. But what’s really sad is that Sylvie should have had a carefree childhood, with no worries. But, she’s so traumatized by her mothers death, she pushes herself to run, to worry. The scene has a perfect mix of sadness, love and happiness.
  • Characters: My two favorite characters from this book are Elk and Jules. And it’s their relationship that is so great to watch. How they both connect over the loss of a loved one and how they guide each other through their grief is very special to see. And how they both talk to their dead sibling is so sad, but it’s happy at the same time. Because their family is never really gone, they live on in the woods. Always watching over Jules and Elk, as a kind of guardian angel.


  • Sylvie’s Death: I’m not saying that Sylvie’s death was a bad thing, what I’m saying is that it’s confusing. The only answer we really get is running too fast, which doesn’t tell us anything. We also know that they never found her body, so she couldn’t have tripped and smacked her head. We also know they checked the river, and still no body, so did age drown? I mean technically she could still be alive, right? If they never found her body, or she could have pulled a Yoda and become one with the force. I don’t know and I don’t like loose ends and there’s no sequel.

Overall this was a good book, the right amount of sadness, anger, love and happiness. So, I give this book four out of five stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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