Skink No Surrender

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Genre: Mystery/Fiction

Series: None

Blog is by: Paige Newberry



Richard Sloane is your average Florida teenager, he’s got friends, family and a passion for wildlife. His cousin, Malley, however is a notorious troublemaker who’s run away five times. So, when her parents send her off to a boarding school, she runs away with her online boyfriend. Richard is a lot less trusting than Malley, and he knows her online boyfriend is nothing but trouble before she does. So, he teams up with former governor of Florida, Skink,to track down his cousin. But, it turns out rescuing Malley is going to be harder than he thought, a lot harder. But between being chased by a pig, a huge storm, some skunks and a couple driving lessons, no matter what, Richard is going to rescue his cousin. 



  • Humor: Hiaasen is one of the best authors out there, and he’s also one of the funniest. It captures the sarcastic, cynical mind of Richard Sloan perfectly and his humor makes you laugh out loud.
  • Characters: I adore these characters, they’re so perfect and realistic. He captured the inside of a teenagers mine perfectly. And each character so unique between Malleys rebellious tendencies, to Richerds not trusting, cynical sarcasm and the strange ways of former governor Skink.
  • Plot: this plot is amazing, it’s intriguing and hilarious and almost like a detective book. The hunt for Malley is a perfect plot mixed with Hiaasen’s classic Floridian setting.


I have nothing bad to say about this book, or any of his others. If you haven’t read them, go do it, seriously. His books are awesome. Overall I give this book five out of six emoji stars:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️