Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Young Adult

Series: Red Queen

Blog is by: Paige Newberry



Mare Barrow’s world is divided by blood, literally. There are the silvers, a superhuman race with silver blood and incredible powers. And the Reds, commoners with red blood and no powers. Mare Barrow is a red, forced to steal to support her family, but when her friend is forced to join the army, she gambles everything to save him. This action sets of a series of events leading to the royal palace in all its glory. And, in front of the King, all the nobles and both princes she displays powers of her own. But her blood is red, so, to cover it up, she is disguised as a princess and a silver. Forced to become the very people she despises she joins the scarlet guard. A red rebellion, leading to murder, betrayal and broken hearts.



  • Characters: I like the richness in the characters, because none of them are really innocent. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. And I really like that, because in the real world it’s not just black and white. The lines blur sometimes and Aveyard expresses this  perfectly through her characters.
  • The Betrayal: I hate books that you can see the ending or the twist from a mile away. This book totally threw me off with Mavens betrayal. I never saw it coming and I liked him better than Cal. I honestly thought he would be the glue that held Mare together. But, he ended up being the one who made her fall apart.
  • Plot: This was a very original plot, between the blood and the powers it reminds me of medieval times. With the lust for power and revenge and murder all to wear a title. It has just the right mix of action and political drama.




  • Drama: I like drama, but this was too much. Half the book was Mare deciding which prince is better. It made her seem like more of a sniveling girl than a powerful force to look out for.
  • The Ending: I didn’t really care for the ending. Everyone lives and there’s no deaths. I honestly would have liked it if everyone died, showing that good doesn’t always win.


This book was alright, a nice touch of danger a political intrigue. But, not that amazing, I have a long list of books better than it, but I think is still worth a read. Overall I give this book four emoji stars out of six: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️