Things That Drive Me Crazy in Books

I love books. You can probably guess that since I made an entire blog dedicated to them. And I feel like there are some things that are a must in a great book. So, here are some things that I love about books and some things that drive me crazy.

Realistic Characters: ┬áMost people including me love realistic characters that they can relate with. People aren’t perfect and they make mistakes. I adore characters with fatal flaws or mistakes they’ve made in the past. Think about it this way, would you root for a perfect, angelic saint or a flawed regular person you can relate to?

Plot Twists: I have mixed feelings about plot twists. Don’t get me wrong I love a good plot twist, but, it has to be good. Here’s an example, I read a book where a boy goes missing. Guess where the boy was? In a hole. A hole. Not kidnapped or murdered or that he ran away. He fell into a hole! When writing a book you can go into a million different directions, so, if you have a plot twist make it good.

Book going to fast/slow: I love books that take there time getting to know the characters but doesn’t slow down the the plot. Its agonizing to have figured out the murderer but the detectives are on there third clue. Books should take their time but not too much time.

Wording: Right at the beginning you have to decide whether your book is going to have funny dialogue for a sillier book, or more complex wording for a serious topic. It drives me nuts when an author takes a little bit of a ridiculous plot and has the characters act serious all the time. Or with a serious problem and the characters be cracking jokes every minute.

Deaths: I take deaths seriously. If a character dies their dead, period. So don’t bring them back with some voodoo magic. Also, don’t have a character come alive at the expense of the plot. For instance its like if Harry Potters parents didn’t die. Don’t get me wrong, It would be nice if Harry had some more family. But literally none of what happened in the book would have happened if Harry’s parents didn’t die. See what I mean?

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